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Mandatory Gun Testing
As part of our Department of Public Safety licensing, the Board
requires each guard to be trained in "security" related handgun
and Shotgun strategic shooting by advanced Security schools.
The State's PSB board requires all bodyguard applicants to be up
to date on all handgun proficiency tests and passing scores. Our
agents carry their State handgun credentials while on assignment.
Strength and Conditioning
Sure, we carry a weapon. But Reynolds Protection is actually
more adamant about their employees sharpening their hand to
hand skills and conditioning their bodies. Physical altercations
are far more likely to occur than gunfire, therefore our physical
skills should be exercised more.  This is especially true in
assignments that involve Crowds, Parties and Alcohol.
Here are a few that allowed us to share their stats and info with you...
Chad Reynolds, CEO
PPO / Bodyguard
Classroom Training & PSB Security Exam
The biggest mis-conception of  bodyguards and executive protection
officers is that we rely on our Knuckles and our Guns. That couldn't be
further from the truth. In fact, to be quite frank, if we have to use any of
those skills - then we probably did a poor job planning for the

The classroom is where officers learn the dynamics of protection. In the
classroom, you'll learn how to spot a threat before it happens, you'll learn
how to dissect a room for the best exits, you'll learn escape routes,
evasive driving, body language warning signs - - in fact, in the classroom
you'll even learn techniques on how to smooth talk your way out of a
If you have been through and passed the Department of
Public Safety's Level 4 Schooling; You may
click on this
link and contact our Human Resources department. We
can't promise that we will call every applicant; but if we
see something in your resume that we consider helpful to
our company, we call you for an interview.
click on their picture to view their training, licensing and profile by the Department of Public Safety.
Donnie Surat from Texas Handgun trains Students in his course for Bodyguards in Texas.
A Student at THA is learning his courses to work as a bodyguard in texas.
Pictured above: students of Texas Handgun Academy (a DPS school we recommend and use) run their
handgun drills while being pepper sprayed.
Pictured above and left: Well known Celebrity Bodyguard and Reynolds Protection's very own, Barry Samuels,
practices take down drills.    Pictured bottom right: Students of THA study various counter attack moves.
Who are we?
We are a Security & Personal
Protection agency based in Dallas,
Texas. Most people use the phrase
'Bodyguards' - Those more familiar
with the industry say 'Executive
Protection'. All of our licensing,
schooling and training is given and
governed by the Department of
Public Safety's
Private Security
Bureau. Given the serious nature of
our business, the PSB and DPS
closely monitor our employees,
training and business practices.
Our Officers
The bodyguards and EP Agents at Reynolds Protection are licensed and
approved Level 4 Personal Protection Officers by the DPS & PSB.  They
have all had excellent training, testing and passing scores by advanced
Security schools and given their DPS Level 4 credentials. More about
our training further down this page.

Most people think we only hire retired Cops or ex-Military at our agency.
Which is understandable; they do make great Bodyguards. But over the
years we  have also found great talent in other fields too. For example, at
our organization you will find those same Officers with the backgrounds
in Military and Law Enforcement; but also you will find Gaming Officers,
Investigators, Corrections Officers, Firefighters and EMTs. We have
found that with the right training, having diverse backgrounds creates
the ultimate Security team.
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