Chad on Television show Big Rich Texas.
Chad Reynolds on CBS News discussing the bodyguard business.
If Chad Reynolds' name sounds
familiar, or perhaps he looks familiar;
you may have seen him on television
or maybe heard his name in various
media outlets.

Chad has appeared in a hand full of
reality television shows and he and
his business has been featured on
the nightly news. Also he has been
the topic of full feature articles in
magazine, Dallas Observer, Smart
Business Magazine, The Statesman,
Marketwatch and WSJ Online.
Standing 6 feet 2, and weighing 300 lbs; Chad Reynolds has an imposing presence. But once you meet him,
you quickly see that he relies on his brains rather than brawn, while on the job.

Chad entered the security industry at a young age as a Gaming Commission Officer, assigned to the fast paced
world of the Casino industry. His role at the casino were like something right out of a Hollywood movie. You
know the scene; like delivering chained suitcases filled with money into a tightly secure Soft Count room. Or
even the likes of escorting high profile entourages into the Casino's exclusive Main Bank.

But shortly after that, Chad and his wife Christy moved to Dallas and they started Reynolds Protection. At first,
his goal was small and simply wanted to serve his clients as a freelance Bodyguard. He and his wife never
would have guessed that their tiny company would turn into what is now one of Texas’ best and fastest
growing protection agencies - with a growing list of clientele that includes nearly 100 celebrities, High ranking
CEOs, Attorneys  and Foreign Dignitaries. In order to juggle these clients; he now has a team of 75 Licensed
Bodyguards helping him.

His original Security training was in Mississippi by a private Security team that was graciously paid by Mirage
Resorts. His licensing and certifications are currently held through Texas’ Department of Public Safety.  He has
since continued his training by the Private Security Bureau and ASIS.
Texas Bodyguard Chad Reynolds, explains the ins and outs of Security to CBS News
Pam Anderson and Chad Reynolds the Bodyguard arrive at Super Bowl Party
Chad escorts Pam into
Super Bowl party.
Chad Reynolds and Sofia Vergara at her
autograph signing event in Houston.
Chad and Eva Longoria
arrive at an event she's
Chad and his team seen on news
cameras removing his client from hostile
shareholders meeting.
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